Mid-Year Resolutions!

8 habits to start this year that will probably help me out in the long run!

1) Start saving $$$$$. Now that I’m back to my part-time job at Starbucks again I’m gonna put aside $20/week to contribute to my Future Fund, which includes graduation trip at the end of this year, returning money back to Mom, maybe buying a second-hand car, and paying off future mortgage? Oh, and keep a jar of gold coins for in-case-of-emergency situations.

2) Learn to do my taxes (properly!) especially since it’s two weeks to the end of 2014 financial year. I have a feeling Griffith owes me quite a significant sum of money and I want it all back. And that includes Starbucks as well.

3) Invest in proper furniture. Not that I have a place to put them yet, but maybe actually saving up for a proper comfy bed or study desk or something, so that I can create my home, and not just a house.

4) Learn to cook properly, which includes my grandma’s secret recipes that I miss all the time. And not just simple mix-everything-together-and-stirfry dishes, or pasta, or sandwiches, or ramen.

5) Start living within my means and learn to be self-sufficient. Not just making ends meet in between paydays, but also having enough money prepared in case of emergency. Maybe also to pay my rent two days early each month? And definitely no over-withdrawing of cash… So all these means that I have to stop eating out so much, and stop buying so much :/

6) Make a list of places that I wanna visit, and start making it happen. I keep saying “I wanna go to London next year to watch Muqiao’s Recital!”, “I want to tour China!”, “I wanna go back to Japan and visit my old place.”, “I wanna road-trip around Australia”, “I want to apply for a working-holiday VISA in New Zealand!” and etc… Except that I keep adding new places to my list but I have yet to go anywhere (not that I have the $$ to) and I should really start striking items off my list.

7) Get a therapist (or something similar, like comfort food). Max Brenner doesn’t count, because it’s too expensive and even though I feel so much better after having their dark hot chocolate and Belgian waffles, my wallet burns to much my heart bleeds. And then I become guilty and upset again. Pointless.

8) Start running (when the weather gets slightly warmer) because running in winter is just… too cold.



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